Dr. Manmita Das Raina



We are passionate about creating a learning institution that is dynamic and constantly seeking excellence to meet the needs of present as well as the future. Schooling in Edify is a journey of personal transformation and appreciating the day to day initiatives pertaining to school programme. At Edify We uncover the hidden potential, unrelenting efforts goes on mentoring and metamorphosing the uncut diamonds into finer Edify gems.

Edify is academically focused and globally minded institution where we strive to inspire and challenge every student to flourish and achieve their full potential with the right and gracious combination of universal and Indian values. Each child is entrusted to us, is treasured, nurtured and transformed. We are committed to develop a holistic human being---emotionally stable, intellectually vibrant, spiritually enlightened and socially responsible

It is rightly said “Give Children The Wings But, Make Sure That Should Be Rooted To The Ground” We are ardent to give wings to our scholars to fly high as we are living in a techno era, but at the same time we teach them to be rooted to traditional root values. No doubt ,the educational scenario of the world is constantly changing, but the chief concern of education is to make teaching learning process more spontaneous and realistic. The explosion of knowledge over the last two centuries has been phenomenal. So it is very important that education should have a balanced content, attitude, skills, and values.

We aim at creating a trajectory which is not bound within the classrooms, but provide diverse as well as vibrant opportunities to the students through a well structured and balanced curriculum. We provide a safe, happy and intellectually challenging environment along with Enquiry based 3C curriculum that empower the students to be innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers and life long learners.

I believe we should not prepare our children to cope up with the changing world, rather we should prepare them to face and fight the life challenges and help them to make their own identity and become best version of them. And that is possible if we educators help them to build up a healthy belief system .

We have set out on an transformational, elevating and stimulating journey with the aim to provide our students an exclusive learning experience to achieve unmatched and impressive height.

Dr. Manmita Das Raina